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An international Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer and educator. He is passionate about empowering people and organizations to be Stronger, Smarter and Safer – enabling them to deliver great results safely in demanding times.

A Chartered Safety Engineer with over 35 years experience in Oil and Gas Exploration working with leading edge technology. Extending operating limits to their perimeter with an enabling Management of Change framework underpinned by Human Factor’s principles.

He has researched behavioural sciences in both the East and West at considerable depth and has learnt the power of diversity and gained a working understanding of differing cultures. This enables him to help organizations keep their people passionately engaged in a rapidly changing world.

His experience extends across a number of other Sectors including Mining, Steel, Local Government Fire and Rescue Service, Maritime, Construction, Transport and Logistics.

An international speaker and workshop leader in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA developing Leaders from the ‘Boardroom to the Boardwalk’ to Influence, Impact and Inspire their worlds.

It was following his experiences in controlling Myalgic Encyphomiolitis (ME) 15 years ago that Jim began to extensively research energy management, high achievement, and happiness. He believes in living life to the full, and combines western “human factors” techniques with eastern healing and martial arts.

Jim’s passion is for people, and enabling them to wake up to the world of opportunity, and much of his learning programmes centre on life mastery, self-leadership and making change happen at a personal level. Jim’s personal mission is to help people rediscover who they truly are and to inspire as many as possible to live out their highest potential in a way that creates value for other human lives within a safe environment

e-books under development

Born to be ME

A journey of self-discovery….

ZeRisk Field Book

An explorers guide to business risk assessment

ZeLeadership Field Book

Practical transformation tools for optimisation


The long and winding road less travelled blossoms with golden opportunities…

Jim Bennett

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