Jim Bennett

Adventurer, Author & Vlogger

Dream. Dare. Dazzle.


Transform your Life

Life is and adventure – follow me as I share the ‘highs and lows’ of a zest explorer in photos, words and videos. Captured ‘raw” and developed in a environmentally friendly manner.Transform your life with our tools and techniques as we explore life’s pathways. “Be the very best you can”.

Jim's Current Book

The VICTORY Code enables you to Inspire. Innovate and Impact your environment.

This is a story of love, truth, courage for leaders and organizations. It is a story about my passion of guiding people and organizations to achieve their potential, working in collaboration, working in a community with one another in a VUCA World.

The ‘Magic’ of an Organizational culture of unity enables and supports citizens generate the capacity to do the seemingly undoable!


My ZeTrails

Starting in my home country of Scotland I share my walking, ridge running and trekking exploits.

The Long Loch



What does this mean to you? Mind, body, heart and soul? It is a unique meaning to each and everyone of us – let’s explore together.

Photo Gallery

My ‘nuances’ of people, time and places captured to stimulate the soul.